Computers, Freedom and Privacy 2008

Today I got to CFP 2008: Technology Policy ’08 conference. Tomorrow I’ll be presenting on what could be a hopeful new direction in spyware policy. I’ll be speaking on the stalker spyware complaint EPIC filed earlier this year.

In this digital age, spyware is used by employers and parents, as well as stalkers and perpetrators of abuse. This workshop will discuss whether anti spyware policy and technology is appropriately tailored to spyware uses in the social context of abuse: misusing power and control. The essence of spyware is to spy, to monitor, to watch someone – all without their knowledge. How do we identify and respond to harmful, inappropriate use? What are the challenges faced by policymakers and antispyware technology providers when dealing with abusive uses of spyware? This workshop will explore the varying opinions on spyware policy and practice as it intersects with privacy and safety.

Other program topics that look interesting include network neutrality, reputation systems, and social networks. The whole program is here.

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