Pro-Privacy Anti-Cyberbullying Public Service Announcement

People my age remember the anti-drug public service announcements from the 1980’s. Classic lines like “I learned it by watching you” and “this is your brain on drugs.” Besides, of course, the vast socio-economic effects of the war on drugs, these are probably some of the most memorable icons of the ridiculousness of that era. At least for white middle class me.

But it seems that nowadays, kids are being warned against Cyberbullying. The slogan is “Delete cyberbullying. Don’t write it. Don’t forward it.”

I like how they do more than just detract the creation of offending content. They point out that it also propagates via user action. Forwarding, linking, adding to newsfeeds helps to move the information around. And it helps to propagate the privacy violation. Forwarding not only increases audience, it also may move it from a non-indexed medium, like text message, to one that search engines pick up, like blogs or social networking.

Like a good PSA, they’re tough to watch and pretty intense:

I like that the overbearing medium of the public service announcement is being used to promote a privacy aware generation. Better than stoking simplistic prohibitionist hysteria.

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